Page Updated 6/18/13
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In 1997 Suzanne Robinson embarked on our families adventure
in Miniature Horses by purchased a couple of minis at a nearby
sale.  The family was instantly hooked and Kelly and her sister
both had to have one.  Prize Package Farm purchased our first
two registered American Miniature Horses from Samuels
Stables.  Owning minis lead to showing minis and we showed all
over competing in fairs, parades, and anything we could do with
our horses.  This led to showing in AMHR sanctioned shows
including AMHR Nationals and when we attended our first ASPC
Congress in 2004 we fell in love with the American Shetland Pony
as well.

Prize Package Farm now has an elite group of American
Shetland Ponies and American Miniature Horses which we show
and breed, many of which are ASPC/AMHR registered and titled
as ASPC Congress Champions and/or AMHR National
Champions.  Our Goal is to continue to show and love the horses
and treat them like Royalty!  We will occasionally offer the
Stallions for outside breeding to approved mares only and from
time to time we will have quality ASPC/AMHR Shetlands or
AMHR Miniatures for sale.  At Prize Package Farm we breed and
show for the Joy and the fun as well as the betterment of the
breeds. The Ribbons and Awards are wonderful
accomplishments but can never fill the place of lasting friendships
and memories that are made with these wonderful four legged